655 acres of Britain’s Magical Water land on sale

The Norfolk Broads has always been an area appreciated wholly for its scenic beauty and the fact that it can be gazed upon and cherished at any time of the year whether it be spring, summer, autumn or winter! The blooming wonders which can be found amongst the broads with the spring months helping them grow. Following onto summer when the sunshine gleams down onto anyone who is able to enjoy it. This is a time of year most appreciated by many within the broads with children off school on summer holidays, and families gathering together and being able to come to the broads on holiday and enjoy the surrounding area. When the warmer months of the year begin to come to an end, it does not stop the broads from being any less magnificent with autumn amber leaves falling to the ground, making walks through the parks, broad tours and many other everyday situations even more bright and enjoyed, especially when knowing it is not long until the leaves disappear and snow will fall. Throughout winter, the Norfolk broads really upholds its nickname as Britain’s magical water land with stunning scenery which is enhanced with the look of fluffy white snow being trod on underfoot with untouched sparkling snowflakes which drop onto your face and make your mind feel magical. Snowmen, igloos and dazzling icicles which hang from many surrounding buildings, it doesn’t get much better than this.

With many qualities which the broads hold, being able to own an area of this land is more than dreamed of for many. But 655 acres is almost unheard of! The Hickling Broad, home to some of the rarest wildlife in the UK and a nature and conservation reserve is on sale for the first time in two whole centuries! The 655 acres include 248 of which are water and reed land, a real treat for anyone who loves the broads as much as we do! Owned to the Mills family since the early 19th century, they are now putting it up for sale – but for a pretty wallet breaking price…

The land is overall being put up for sale for a price of £2.3million! – If you are interested in this, you can at the Knight Frank webpage.

Well, at least if you’re like us and cannot afford to buy it, we can still visit the area for a decent price and be able to enjoy the land in snippets of visits!