Alderfen Broad‏

Alderfen Broad
Another hidden gem on the Norfolk Broads is the secluded Alderfen Broad that can be found just a short distance away from Hoveton. This beautiful broad is surrounded by woodland and is home to some of the best examples of Tussock Fenn & Alder Swamp Carr that is currently available on the Broads. Here you can enjoy peace & tranquility that is hard to match, while enjoying scenice walks and incredibly beautiful views. Once you’ve experienced this almost secret little broad, you will no doubt wonder why it’s not more popular!

Where is Alderfen Broad?
Alderfen Broad is about 3 miles to the east of Hoveton and just below Barton Broad. Please see the map below for details:

Where to Park at Alderfen Broad
Because the broad is not easily accessible by road, the most convenient option is to park at the Broads Authority car park in Neatishead and make your way on foot. This is great if you love walking but if you don’t, there is always the option for you to find a convenient place on the quiet country lanes close to the broad and leave your car out of the way on the side of the road.

Alderfen Broad Walks
One of the best things about Alderfen Broad is that it’s a walkers paradise thanks to it’s extended walking route that joins up with Barton Broad, so you can see two amazing yet quite different broads all on the same walk! To experience this fantastic walk, park your vehicle at the Broads Authority car park in Neatishead and follow the signs towards the boardwalk. Once you’ve reached the quiet country lane at the end, follow it on foot until you reach the entrance to Barton Broad. Here you will be able to experience a wonderful view of Barton Broad, however if you’re in a rush to get to Alderfen Broad, keep going along the country lane until you reach another lane. Turn right and then take a quick left, this will then have you on a straight-ish stretch of lane for about a mile. You will then be faced with another choice of left or right, take the right hand lane and you will see a sign post showing you the way onto the footpath that will eventually lead you through the woodland and onto Alberfen Broad. This is well worth the walk as there are plenty of places to rest on the ground and there is a bird hide for enjoying the views. Don’t rest for too long though as you won’t want to leave! You can then either go back the way you came or continue in one big circle until you get back to the Broads Authority car park. No matter which way you decide to go, the views will be beautiful!

What else does Alderfen Broad have to offer?
Alderfen Broad is one of the most secluded and least visited broads, as many still do not know it even exists! This means that you can expect a uniquely peaceful atmosphere and enjoy observing wildlife in numbers that you won’t see on the busier broads. To find out why Alderfen Broad is so lovely, why not visit for yourself today!