Barton Broad

This beautiful broad is the largest in the Ant Valley and the second largest in Norfolk, with Hickling Broad being the largest. Since it’s formation around the 13th century by peat digging, Barton Broad has become one of the most popular broads in the area thanks to it’s substantial size and vast surrounding green areas where you will find many species of wildlife and some rare vegetation. The broad has a fascinating history and it is said that Haratio Nelson spent time here as a child and even learned to sail on the broad!

Where is Barton Broad?
This large broad is located in the parish of Barton turf just to the southeast of the village of Barton Turf towards the northeast of Norfolk just below Stalham. See the map below for details:

Where to Park at Barton Broad?
There is a convenient car park close to the entrance to the boardwalk near the village of Neatishead, which is great if you want to take advantage of the beautiful walk there. There is also plenty of parking in and around the village of Barton Turf itself and the surrounding staithe.

Barton Broad Walks
Although you won’t be able to see all of Barton Broad on foot, you will still get the chance to take a calming stroll through the broad thanks to a convenient walkway that has been constructed that leads through the woodland to the waters edge. If arriving by car there is a convenient car park around half a mile away. When you reach the entrance to the walk you will be greeted by a map that will display the route of the walk but don’t worry, the route is simple to follow so you definitely won’t be needing a map! Follow the boardwalk through the beautiful woodland and make sure you keep an eye out for rare birds and other woodland creatures as there are many living in the area. Once you exit the woodland, you will find yourself on a wooden platform overlooking the broad, giving you a stunning panoramic view of the broad and surrounding area. You will also find a picture board giving you pictures and descriptions of the wildlife in the area. Why not see how many you can spot!

What else does Barton Broad offer?
Thanks the the recent investments that have been put into helping improve the water quality of the broad, you can enjoy much cleaner waters that make boating activities much more pleasant. Why not hire a canoe and explore the broad at the tiny water waters that fork off heading to different areas or why not sit back and relax on one of the many tour boats in the area including the solar powered tour boat!