Canoeing & Kayaking on the Norfolk Broads

Although the main attraction of Norfolk Broads holidays is Oulton Broad Picturethe peace, quiet & relaxation, there are many things to do to stay active on the water. If you don’t mind getting wet then you’re sure to love these fantastic water sports that are available at different locations around the broads. If you’ve never tried any of the following activities before, don’t worry, as you will be able to learn, making it the ideal opportunity to learn something new & to make your holiday even more memorable.

A great place to try Kayaking & Canoeing is at Waveney River Centre, which is located on the edge of the River Waveney towards the southern Norfolk Broads. It’s a stones throw away from Oulton Broad & the coastal town of Lowestoft. Once you’ve arrived you will be able to hire your canoe or kayak and launch into the calm waters of the river. You will be provided with life jackets and shown how to efficiently move yourself along the surface of the water. It’s not only great for adults but perfect for kids also, making it a great activity for the whole family. You are sure to have fun paddling along the water and because there is no motor, it’s a great way to see the wildlife. But bare in mind that availability depends on the season & weather of course, so aim to try it during the warmer summer months.

Another great location for canoeing & kayaking on the broads is Dilham Canal, which can be found towards the northern end of the Norfolk Broads on the River Ant. This is the only canal on the Norfolk Broads and canoeing or kayaking is the only way for you to explore it, as motorboats are banned. The canal itself is quite narrow and much of the plant life is overgrown, making it resemble a jungle. You are sure to hear some of the wildlife as you move through the water and make sure you look everywhere, as there are many fish in the water, birds in the trees and small mammals on the land. It’s also very relaxing and incredible quiet, so you can really unwind and relax during your visit. Once you’ve explored the canal, why not head down the larger River Ant and see what else the area has to offer. There are plenty of places to visit and many things to see but make sure that you don’t paddle too far, as you will need the energy to get back.