Filby Broad

This picturesque village sits on the eastern side of the Trinity Broads, which includes Filby Broad, Ormesby Broad, Rollesby Broad, as well as Lily Broad & Ormesby Little Broad. You can enjoy lovely views of Filby Broad by heading down the Filby Broad Boardwalk, which is clearly marked next to the main road alongside a small sailing boat named the Filby Flyer, which sits perched on the bank. This is also where you can take advantage of some great fishing spots but make sure that you have your fishing license.

On the opposite side of the road is where you can take advantage of a lovely picnic spot, which allows you to look across the waters of Ormesby Little Broad. Heading further into the village you will pass the local sailing school and the local convenience store. You will see many pretty little cottages and don’t hesitate to explore the side roads, as this is where you will get to enjoy some of the best walks in the area. Many of these fantastic walks are signposted close to the village church and you will get the option to take a route that’s the right distance for you without having to go too far.

Where is Filby?
Filby is approximately 17.1 miles (26 minutes) to the east of Norwich. Please see the map below for details:

Where to Park at Filby
Due to Filby being a fairly quiet village with no commercial centre, you will be able to park along certain areas of the roads without any trouble. Watch out for yellow lines & other parking restrictions & it may be best not to park on the side of the main road. You will find a small car park at the local church and one in front of the local convenience store.

Filby Walks
Filby may not be the largest village on the Norfolk Broads but it still has many lovely walks for you to enjoy with some short walks and some long. Some of the best longer walks you can try in Filby are located near Filby church. If you’re coming in from Norwich, keep a look out for Church Lane on your right. Turn down here and you will soon see a sign saying ‘Church Car Park’. Although this is only a small area of grass on the side of the road, it is rarely busy, so you should be able to easily find a space. Once parked, continue straight up church lane and you will come to the gate, which marks the entrance to the church grounds. Pass through and enjoy the stunning architecture of the church itself. The path will take you to the right of it, leading you through second gate where the path will then split, giving you the choice to turn left or right. The path to your left will lead you through another gate onto a private road but if you turn right, you will be taken along a path that will lead you to a large wooden gate, marking your exit from the churchyard. This part of the path can get quite muddy when rain has fallen, so make sure that you wear appropriate footwear if you’re planning on walking.

Continue along a short distance past an open field until the path forks. You will see a sign post with one yellow arrow and one red arrow both pointing the way along two Norfolk County Council circular walks. For a short walk back to Filby, take the right bath, which will eventually lead you to the Fox & Hounds pub on Thrigby Road. From here turn right to head back into the village and explore more of what Filby has to offer. However, if you’re in the mood for a bit more walking, then take the route to the left. This will lead you away from the village passing through open farmers fields to your left and to your right. Stay on the track and follow it round to a signpost that states ‘Public Footpath’. This will point the way along a narrow path, which again runs through farmer’s fields. If you follow the whole route, it will take you in a big circle back around to the church again. But if you really fancy exploring the area, at it’s furthest point away from the village, turn right and you will find yourself on Mill Road. If you turn left along Mill Road, you will eventually come to the village of Mautby. If you turn right, you will pass Mautby Mill and will be lead to the village of Thrigby where you can loop around back into Filby. Once you leave the main circular walk, you will have to walk along country roads for quite a bit of the journey, so take care and watch out for cars.

What else does Filby offer?
Although motorboats may not be allowed on Filby Broad, sailing boats sure are and thanks to the NSSA (Norfolk Schools Sailing Association) Filby Centre, you can learn to sail. This challenging yet exhilarating & exciting sport is great for building confidence and increasing physical fitness, as well as mental discipline. You will find the centre just off the Main Road (A1064).

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens is just a short distance along Thrigby Road in the village of Thrigby. This popular zoo is home to a fantastic selection of various animals ranging from small reptiles to large mammals. Leopards & Tigers are among some of the larger animals here and there are also primates, which include Gibbons & Macaques. Crocodiles & alligators also have a home here and so do snakes, both big and small ones. There is also a gift shop & café, where you can sit for a while and enjoy the lovely menu or simply get yourself a refreshing drink.