Hickling Broad

Hickling broad is the place to be if you want to discover what is truly great about the Norfolk Broads. Thanks to its size (covering the largest surface area compared to any other broad) you will be able to gaze upon the beautiful landscape and waterways and enjoy many of the unique sights including the Hickling Broads red-reed bed, which is in fact the largest red-reed bed in the whole of England! If you love spotting rare insects and birds then you’re in the right place as there is a whole World of varied wildlife that calls Hickling ‘home’, including the rare Swallowtail Butterfly and the impressive Emperor Dragonfly, as well as Cranes, Bittens, Marsh Harriers and Goldeneyes. There is plenty to see and see plenty is what you will get to do thanks to the excellent footpaths and guided boat tours!

Where is Hickling Broad?
Hickling Broad is towards the north-east coast of Norfolk and sits only a short distance from Stalham. See the map below for more details:

Where to Park at Hickling Broad National Nature Reserve.
Once you have successfully navigated the country lanes and arrived at the entrance to the reserve, you will immediately see the visitor centre to your left and a large car park to your right. The car park has plenty of space for everyone and is free to all who are visiting the area. There is also a footpath from there nature reserve that leads down to Hickling Broad, which is great if you fancy a stroll or can’t find any parking on the broad itself.

Hickling Broad National Nature Reserve Walks
Here, you will find some fantastic walks that will keep you busy and allow you to see the beauty of the area. Inside you will find some easy to follow footpaths that will lead you around and through the middle the reserve, giving you the opportunity to see as much as possible. There is a lot of wildlife, so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Once you’ve seen the reserve, you can head up to Hickling Broad via a footpath that runs across the front of the car park. This is a great area, so don’t hesitate to explore but be careful of traffic as some of your walking may have to be done on the road!

What else does Hickling Broad offer?
If you would like to fully explore the broad and see the sites that you can’t see from the footpaths then take a guided boat tour! This is a great way to relax and see the sites of Hickling and thanks to the quiet electric powered boats, you won’t have to listen to a noisy diesel engine!