Hoveton Great Broad‏

Although surprisingly large, this beautiful broad is often missed due to it’s secluded location within surrounding woodland, as well as water traffic no longer being allowed onto the broad itself. It lies almost hidden on a stretch of the River Bure between Hoveton village & Horning and can only be accessed via the water ways.

Where is Hoveton Great Broad?
Hoveton Great Broad is located between Wroxham Broad & Salhouse Broad about 2 miles southeast of Hoveton village centre. Please see the map below for details:

Where to Park at Hoveton Great Broad
Due to it’s secluded location, you won’t be able to access Hoveton Great Broad by road, however you can easily get to it by boat, either by renting a worthy water-going vessel from one of the local boat hire businesses in the area or by taking the short ferry ride across from Salhouse Broad. Thanks to it’s close proximity to Hoveton & Horning, you will have plenty of prime opportunities to rent a boat, as each village is home to a fine selection of some of the best boat hire businesses in Norfolk, giving you the opportunity to see everything that you want to see for a very affordable price. You will find plenty of pay & display car parking, as well as selected free parking in both Hoveton and Horning. If you decide to hire a boat, finding Hoveton Great Broad can be easy, however if you’re not too sure how to get to it, it may be worth purchasing a map that specialises in the network of the broads to help with Navigation. Once you have found the entrance, you will see moorings available for those wanting to visit the broad. Boat access on to he broad itself isn’t allowed but once moored, you can walk through and enjoy the nature trail. If you aren’t confident with controlling a boat by yourself, the ferry trip over from Salhouse Broad will be your best option. It may also be best for short trips as there is a good sized car park at the entrance to Salhouse Broad and the walk down is very relaxing.

Hoveton Great Broad Walks
Once you have moored your boat or have been dropped off by the ferry, you can enjoy a scenic stroll around part of the broad thanks to the convenient nature trail that was originally set up by Natural England 2005/2006, as a merge of two organisations. This makes discovering the beauty of the broad a real treat since it’s not accessible by road or on foot. Once you reach the broad itself, you can enjoy a stunning view of the water and surrounding vegetation. Thanks to the ban on boat traffic, you can expect to see undisturbed wildlife roaming happily throughout the area and this helps to make the atmosphere even more peaceful than it already is!

What else does Hoveton Great Broad have to offer?
Because of it’s not-so convenient location, there are only a limited number of things you can do while visiting Hveton great broad but these things are guaranteed to satisfy you, no matter how simple they may be. The walk along the nature trail is beautiful, the views are stunning and the atmosphere is near unbeatable. Once you have visited for yourself, you will no doubt want to come back again and again!