Malthouse Broad

This lovely broad is one of the most popular in Norfolk and once you visit for yourself, you will understand why! Commonly mistaken for Ranworth broad due to it’s close proximity to Ranworth Broad Nature Reserve, Malthouse Broad has become a prime destination for those seeking to experience the best of the broads, while having the convenience of moorings if you’re traveling by boat or plenty of car parking space if you’re travelling by road, as well as having modern amenities within walking distance where you can grab a drink, a snack, a gift from the gift shop or sit down for a lovely meal at the local pub! Enjoy fresh air, beautiful sites and wonderful walks through the country lanes and into the woodland, this helps to make Malthouse Broad perfect for everyone!

Where is Malthouse Broad?
Malthouse Broad is just over 10 miles northeast of Norwich and around 6 miles southeast of Wroxham. Please see the map below for details:

Where to Park at Malthouse Broad
Thankfully, parking at Malthouse Broad is very convenient no matter how large your vehicle may be! As soon as you arrive you will notice a large car park opposite the Maltsters Pub. This does belong to the pub and is perfect if you’re in need of a beverage or would like something to eat. If you don’t fancy visiting the pub, you will see there are limited car parking spaces available at the gift shop but if they are full don’t worry because if you follow the road (farm lane) that runs alongside the shop, you will see a sign post directing you to turn right. Here you will find a nice large grassy area surrounded by trees where you can enjoy free parking for the day, however parking overnight is not permitted.

Malthouse Broad Walks
If you enjoy scenic walks then you’re in the right place, as Malthouse Broad’s convenient location once again pays off, as you will be able to explore and discover the area on foot! If you follow the footpath opposite the shop, you will be lead along a wooden boardwalk just behind the tree line which saves you from having to walk on the road. Once you reach the opening at the end you can either continue straight and eventually find the Parish Church of Saint Helen Ranworth, which is usually open to the public and allows you access to the top of the bell tower where you can enjoy incredible views of the surrounding area! However, be warned as it is a very tight climb up the narrow staircase to the roof! Instead of heading straight up to the church, if you turn round once you leave the boardwalk, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll down a quiet country lane passing many fascinating houses and cottages, which will eventually bring you to the entrance to Ranworth Broad. Once you enter, you will once again find yourself walking on a wooden boardwalk which will take you through the woodland and then through reed beds until you reach the visitor centre. This is a great place to sit down, relax, enjoy the sites and catch your breath for the walk back. A journey that will be well worth it!

What else does Malthouse Broad have to offer?
Thanks to it’s convenient location and great amenities, you can quite happily enjoy a short break in the area without leaving. There is a bed & breakfast opposite the car park & with the easy car parking, a handy shop, delicious local meals and wonderful sites to see, passing the time will be pleasant!