Ranworth Broad

Ranworth broad is one of the most lovely looking broads we have ever been to. It is in the unspoilt beautiful Norfolk village of Ranworth. It is a very popular tourist destination especially in Spring and Summer where there is a fair bit to do and see around it. The broad itself is not open to boats as it is run by a nature reserve, however the broad next to it is called Malthouse broad.

Where is Ranworth?
Ranworth is very close to Woodbastwick and South Walsham. See the below map for more information:

Where to park for Ranworth broad?
Ranworth has a car park for people visiting the village to see the broad and other attractions there. Just round the corner from the shop you will find the free car park with gates on it, be aware they can close early evening.

Ranworth broad and walks
As you park in Ranworth you will see the huge broad straight away, which is Malthouse broad. This main view is incredible and can be seen best on a square of grass to which boats moor up to when visiting the village. From this square of grass which is directly infront of the car park you can walk round it to get a better view of how far the beautiful broad stretches out. You may well find many ducks and swans swimming around as Ranworth has a big presence of wildlife being so close to the broad.

There is also a nature walk you can go on which takes you around some woodland and finishes up at a nature centre where there is a special built wooden structure to sit and view the broads from. This gives you a view of Ranworth broad itself and a perfect opportunity to take photos of wildlife and observe the beautiful and natural surroundings. Ranworth is a special nature reserve and the broad is home to much wildlife, if you are lucky you will spot a heron and have the opportunity to see many different species of bird. The nature centre also offers a facility where you can look out into the broad using binoculars to give you a better idea of the true beauty the broad has to offer. There is also a special boat ride you can take on Malthouse broad which tours the broad with a guide, it sets off from the wooden structure during seasonal times on a regular basis.

What else does Ranworth offer?
Ranworth is a beautiful village with much to do and see in it. We recommend walking around some of the special walks around the village and woodland, which are signposted. There is a shop which sells fantastic ice cream in the summer and a small cafe next door where you can get a nice refreshing drink. An impressive church also accompanies Ranworth, where you can walk to the top and have a fantastic view of the village and broad. This has to be one of our favourite places in Norfolk, totally unspoilt and lots of interesting things to do and see. We think it is well worth a visit if you have never been.

Below is a clip we took of Malthouse broad, which is next to the lovely Ranworth broad: