Recent Downpours – Bad For Holidays But Good For The Broads!‏

Norfolk Broads News – June 8th 2012

Although the recent weather that we havRiver Bure Norfolke all been experiencing, isn’t the best for those of us trying to enjoy summer holidays at home this year, it is still a welcomed relief for the vegetation, water levels and wildlife that together, create the wonderful Norfolk Broads.

For those of us who enjoy visiting the broads throughout the year, we understand how delicate they are and how important it is for the area to be sustained properly and thanks to the current rainfall, that’s just what’s happening! The Broads are home to a vast range of different wildlife including fish, birds, woodland animals and a vast array of fascinating insects, all of which have their own important role to play in the broads ecosystem and water is the key to helping them fulfill their roles. But it is not only the wildlife that the water on The Broads sustains, it also helps us live a normal and healthy life. How? Well, if you have already had a read of our article on the Trinity Broads in Norfolk, you will already know (if you didn’t already) that thanks to the group of Broads not being involved in a direct current from the River Bure, the water has remained relatively undisturbed and fairly clean, meaning it can be and is used as a source of drinking water for us humans. Although there wasn’t any risk of the water drying up in the first place, the large amount of rainfall that we have been experiencing is still a great help to the water levels and it also injects clean, fresh water into the ecosystem, meaning the water is that little bit cleaner and the surrounding vegetation can get a hearty supply of water without having to rely on underground supplies.

Thanks to this recent injection of fresh water, The Broads will be looking better than ever, so why not head over to your favourite broad and enjoy a great day out with all of the family!