Rockland Broad

Just a short distance from the pretty village of Rockland St. Mary is where you will find the entrance to the secluded Rockland Broad. If approaching by car, keep a sharp eye and go slow, as the entrance is fairly concealed and you will only see the sign when you’re right next to it making it very easy to miss. Once you’ve successfully found it and turned in, you’ll head down a single mud track, which will lead you into the car park. Be careful though, as the entrance is also the exit, so watch out for vehicles coming the other way!

Once you’ve parked up you’ll have easy access to the staithe, the local pub and the very popular walk that leads to the broad and continues on to further destinations. The beautiful views and range of plant life and wildlife will have you feeling part of nature and it’s a great walk that you can enjoy in the summer or the winter.

The bird hide on the edge of the broad offers the best views of the broad itself and offers numerous window hatches, so you won’t have to wait your turn if someone else is already there.

Where is Rockland Broad?
Rockland Broad is approximately 8.5 miles (21 minutes) to the east of Norwich. Please see the map below for details:

Where to Park at Rockland Broad
Just past the village of Rockland St. Mary is where you will find a convenient little car park that offers plenty of space for you to park your car and best of all it’s free! The way in is the same as the way out, so be careful when entering or leaving as you could meet another vehicle head on but don’t worry, there’s plenty of space to reverse if you need to. The car park itself isn’t paved, so expect things to get muddy if it rains and decent footwear is always recommended.

Exit the car park via the small footbridge and follow the staithe to the entrance to Wherrymans way where you can begin your walk. There is no time limit on the car park, so feel free to stay as long as you like, so you can enjoy everything that the walk and the area has to offer.

Rockland Broad Walks
Because Rockland Broad is fairly secluded, you will only find one walking trail that will take you to it, however this one trail is more than enough to keep any walking enthusiast happy, as it continues for miles even past the broad itself and offers some amazing views of wide open spaces to the right and the broad to the left.

Once you’ve parked up, you’ll see a little bridge that leads onto the staithe, follow this and you will see a wooden sign post straight ahead that indicates the entrance to Wherrymans way, a public footpath that leads to Rockland Broad and onto Langley Dyke. From here it is approximately half a mile to the Bird Hide that will give you some of the best views of Rockland Broad. Before you reach the bird hide that overlooks the broad, you will be able to enjoy half a mile of stunning scenery. The edge of the broad can be seen through small trees that sit to the left of the path and to the right, there is a wide-open space filled with plant life.

If you continue another quarter mile you will come to the Beauchamp Arms, where you can enjoy a fine selection of delicious food and drinks! It makes a great day out for the whole family.

But that’s not the end of the line because if you keep walking another 2 and a bit miles you’ll eventually come to Langley Dyke!

Walking this trail is a great way to stay active and the best way to fully appreciate the beauty around Rockland Broad. Just remember to bring decent footwear, preferably waterproof, as it can get rather muddy!

What else does Rockland Broad offer?
Rockland Broads also offers some fantastic fishing opportunities thanks to its good quantities of Pike, Bream, Perch, Tench and Roach. It is said that a Pike weighing over 30 pounds was once caught here in 1912, so why not have a go and see if you can catch a bigger one!

Below is a video of Rockland broad: