Salhouse Broad

Salhouse broad is one of the less known broads in Norfolk but in our opinion one of the best. Tucked away in the village of Salhouse is a broad of natural beauty. A naturally beautiful walk accompanies this wonderful location in Norfolk. Salhouse Broad is privately owned and managed, so therefore not managed by the Broads Authority.

Where is Salhouse?
Salhouse is very close to woodbastwick and Ranworth, see the below map for more information:

Where to park for Salhouse broad?
There is a carpark specially set aside for people wanting to visit the broad, it is a fairly large car park but can get quite busy during spring and summer time when tourism is increased. The car park has toilet and rubbish facilities.
If you are entering Salhouse broad via boat you will find the option to be able to moore your boat on many points which are linked up to the land. There is the option to be able to stay over night. The mooring fees are £6 overnight, £3 for the day and £1.50 for up to an hour

Salhouse broad and walks
If you are approaching Salhouse broad via foot then to get to Salhouse broad itself you will need to go on a walk through some woodland to get there. The start of the walk is actually from the car park, the walk is very easy to follow and does not go off onto any other routes, it will simply take you to Salhouse broad itself. One of the reasons we love Salhouse broad so much is because of the build up walk to the broad. It is a walk through beautiful woodland where you will no doubt get the opportunity to see some lovely flowers, plants and wildlife. Do not be surprised to see the odd heron on the way and squirral running up a tree.
Once at the broad you should be impressed as it is a huge open view you get. There is plenty of grass you are able to stand or sit on to admire the beautiful view. You will no doubt see many ducks on the front of the land and other wildlife.

Summer time is of the most busy for Salhouse broad, there is usually an ice cream seller ( on a boat which is very unique) and the option to rent a canoe out on the front of the land and have a paddle around the broad (please check with the local broad authority for more information on times and fees for such services).

For more information why not visit the official website –

What else does Salhouse offer?
Salhouse is a small, quiet but lovely Norfolk village. If you are coming in via boat or walking back to the car park why not check out the local pub which has an outside area to relax with a drink. The village also has a small shop for people wanting some basic goods. Salhouse is a very friendly village and well worth a visit on your Norfolk broads tour. If you have a pet dog then you will also be glad to know the walk is fantastic for walking your dog.

There is also a fantastic ferry service available at Salhouse broad taking you to broads next to it such as Hoveton Great Broad.

We completely recommend this broad as a must for visiting, check out their website for special events during the year.