South Walsham Broad

South Walsham broad is said to be one of the most picturesque in the whole of the Norfolk Broads and rightly so! Although it’s not easily accessible from all sides, once you have found the Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden you will understand why it’s known for being such a beautiful place. Enjoy lush greenery, amazing woodland walks, adventurous canoe trips, a bit of otter spotting and more!

Where is South Walsham Broad?
South Walsham Broad is just over ten miles northeast of Norwich and just over six miles southeast of Wroxham. Please see the map below for details:

Where to Park at South Walsham Broad
For hassle free parking for any vehicle, your best bet will be the convenient car park at the Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden on School Road. Although the parking is free, you will still have to pay admission and visit the beautiful centre as it’s not a public car park but the chances are you will be doing just that anyway if you want the see the best of South Walsham Broad!

There is a small car park on the corner of Kingfisher Lane & Broad Lane, close to the private section of the broad. It is free to park your vehicle here but it is quite small with only enough space for about ten to fifteen cars and manoeuvre room is limited, so it may not be the best choice for larger vehicles.

South Walsham Broad Walks
Once you have parked your car, you will notice a number of narrow lanes leading towards the broad. These are relatively easy to navigate as there are only a few and they all head either to or from the village and broad. These are roads however, so you must be cautious when it comes to traffic especially if you have children with you. You will be able to access South Walsham Village, enjoy views of traditional thatched cottages and eventually end up on the private section of South Walsham Broad.

If you would rather stay off the roads and enjoy a walk that’s pretty much unbeatable then you’ll want to be a heading straight to the Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden! This is a great place for everyone as it has convenient facilities including a tea room, big car park and toilets. You can also purchase beautiful plants here! Once you’ve paid at reception, you will be able to enjoy a network of paths along waterways weaving through picturesque woodland, where you will be able to enjoy lush greenery and beautiful plants & flowers. Whether you’re out for a slow, quiet stroll or want to get your hiking boots on, there paths are perfect for all types of walkers and with seating along the way, you will have plenty of opportunities to rest and enjoy the views of the woodland. There is a giant Oak at the start of the trails that is definitely worth a photo or two and when you finally reach the main part of South Walsham Broad, you will be able to enjoy amazing views of it from the bank or the convenient bird hide. The views make it the perfect place for a picnic especially in the summer time and once you’ve visited, you will no doubt return many times!

What else does South Walsham Broad have to offer?
There have been many Otter sightings on South Walsham Broad over the years, so if you fancy a bit of nature watching then this is a great place to be! Enjoy trying to catch sight of these beautiful creatures as well as the other stunning wildlife that calls South Walsham Broad home!

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous and would like to get out on the water, why not try out one of the popular guided Canoe trails that launch from the edge of Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden on South Walsham main broad. This is a great way to keep active and see the sights that aren’t always accessible from the mainland. The tours last for around two hours and after you’ve had a go, you’ll want to do it again and again!

South Walsham village also has a fantastic pub called ‘The Ship’. We completely recommend this pub for a visit. In the summer you can also sit outside and relax with a drink.