The Norfolk Broads £1m Three Rivers Way project

The Norfolk Broads has always been a great place for locals to live, tourists to visit and for people to generally enjoy the scenic and picturesque quality of the area which supplies so much beauty to all who witness it.

After 8 years of planning and speculating the area for how to begin, the people involved in the Three Rivers way project have finally started the construction of this £1million walkway and bike track project. The plan which has been set for this is for the tracks and trails to begin by running between two main areas across the broads which are Horning and Hoveton (which can be read further into within our blog section). In addition to this, it has been said that although the plan at the current moment is for it to run between these two areas, the future plan for the Three Rivers Way Project is for it to develop even further across a larger area of the broads through Wroxham, Hoveton, Horning, Ludham and Potter Weigham throughout the upcoming future.

Horning itself is a village which sits on part of the river Bure along the broads and has attractions which many tourists like to visit including the local pubs as well as the few existing walks which Horning offers such as Horning Slaithe, Horning Green and even places like Horning village Hall which is a larger speculated area for many as it is one of the main attractions within this village. Hoveton on the other hand hold a huge opening within the broads though it has been cut off to water vehicles though has an area for them to dock up and view the broad by foot with an already existing nature trail. This means that with the introduction of the Three Rivers Way, it will allow more people to be able to spectate the secluded area as it will lead those from Horning, down through to Hoveton and this will make the nature trail more popular and a great success.

As boating is a highly popular attraction for many locals as well as tourists who live on the broads, with the introduction of these paths it means you don’t have to take or have a boat in order to view the beautiful scenery. It is an obvious fact that boat hire amongst the Norfolk Broads brings a lot of popularity and profits throughout them. By introducing the Three River Ways project it means that bike trails will also have stops where it is and available choice to be able to hire bikes available for all ages and sizes, meaning that it will become a good investment along with boating for the Norfolk Broads as it will bring more business into the area.

One of the main reason for the introduction of the Three River Ways project is in order to promote a healthier lifestyle making people healthier, happier and open to more fun options of what to do when visiting the Broads giving many the option to enjoy without having the mass expense. With the Broads already being a brilliant summers loHorning Broadcation, these walk and bike trails will make fun attractions for visitors and locals as well as being a fantastic link between two areas and eventually more.

With the government giving substantial funding towards this project, it shows that it is not only the locals at Norfolk who believe it is a good investment as the rest of the funding came from the Broads authority as well as Norfolk county council. Overall this will help to promote healthier travel options for many locals who live along the Broads, and with future growing planning ideas, it shows that in terms of local communities and businesses it will create a good link between both in order for them to work in cooperation with each other more easily and effectively.

Overall, The Three Rivers Way project is aimed to bring more tourists into the area and be able to have it as a good attraction and practical route for locals as well as a way to create more tourists and give them all a way to spectate the beauty of the broads as well as it being a great investment for the area with the introduction of bike hire. With the state of progress which the project is currently making, it has been described as a good idea by many.