Not far past Acle bridge is a lovely village called Thurne – just off the river Thurne. This is very much a popular tourist place for people to stop by on the Norfolk broads. You can either arrive at Thurne by boat or car. Arriving by boat you will see a nice long stretch to moor up against going down into the village opposite the local pub.
Thurne is a classic Norfolk village with some great little walks full of nice countryside scenery – a quick stroll down the road or by the boats which are moored up will show this. There is also a lovely little shop called ‘Ramblers’ selling some unique Norfolk broads souvenirs such as some quality artwork of the Norfolk broads. There is a pub located in the center of the village for those wanting a nice cool drink on a hot summer’s day, the pub also has a games room and a shop for those wanting to stock up some items for their boat. Next to the pub is a field with a park in it, which is great for families.
Thurne also boars an impressive windmill at the end of top the mooring stretch for boats. This impressive and historic windmill is well worth a visit and a picture of.

Where is Thurne?
Thurne is approximately 17.5 miles (27 minutes by car) to the northeast of Norwich. Please see the map below for details:

Where to Park at Thurne
There is fairly limited parking at Thurne. However it is possible to park on a small stretch of road opposite the shop which has no double yellow lines. Other parking found includes the pub and a section of grass next to the public toilets. It is recommended to visit this place earlier in the day if in season to park well.

Thurne Walks
There is a very enjoyable walk up the stretch of grass besides the mooring for boats at Thurne. A Walk up to the top and you will find a very impressive white windmill and also a fantastic view onto the river Thurne. The view of the river Thurne is great, you can watch all kinds of boats cruise and sail by and you will often see wildlife such as swans and ducks. A walk around the village of Thurne is also fairly peaceful and pleasant. The village itself has a look of a classic Norfolk village and the countryside around it is very peaceful.

What else does Thurne offer?
To sum Thurne up it has a great park for families, a shop selling ice cream and basic items, a pub which serves food, public toilet facilities and a great little shop called ‘Ramblers’ where you will find unique Norfolk broads merchandise. While the village is fairly small, this is well worth a visit if you have never been before. Thurne is a lovely secluded village in Norfolk with great facilities for people wanting to visit while on the Norfolk broads.