The Trinity Broads

Unknown to many, the Trinity Broads is the name given to a group of broads that consist of three large broads and two smaller ones that sit together within the Norfolk Broads National Park. The three larger broads are Ormesby Broad, Rollesby Broad and Filby Broad. The smaller two are Lily Broad and Ormesby Little Broad. Each offer beautiful views of both the landscape and the local wildlife and as motor boats aren’t allowed on the broads due to the water being used as a drinking supply, you will find the atmosphere so much more peaceful compared to the other broads in the region where you can hear the drone of motor engines, not that the noise is an issue, as they are all still quite peaceful. Thanks to there being no direct link to the main river, each of the broads have remained pretty much undisturbed, which is why they make a great choice for a source of drinking water. This is also good for the natural wildlife, so you can expect to see many different species of birds, fish and even a snake here or there.

Where are the Trinity Broads?
The Trinity Broads are located in the east of the region, towards Hemsby. See the map below for details:

Where to Park at the Trinity Broads
Since motor boats are not allowed on the Trinity Broads, the only way that you will be able to get close to them is to drive, park up close by and then walk to the broads from your car. There are plenty of parking opportunities including a car park by Rollesby Bridge and also one in Filby. Make sure that you keep a sharp eye ready to spot those car parking signs!

Walks at the Trinity Broads
Once you have arrived at the Trinity Broads there are a number of routes around the public parts of the broad that are pretty self explanatory including the Filby boardwalk opposite the Filby car park. If you would like something special then the specially organised Guided Group Walks are the ones to go for! You will not only be shown the best parts of the public areas but you will also catch a glimpse of the broads landscape that may not be normally accessed by the public, this is a great opportunity to see some beautiful scenes that only a selected few have seen.

What else do the Trinity Broads have to offer?
Although the Trinity Broads don’t allow motor boats that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your fill of boating action! If you would like to take to the water and explore then why not try the Trinity Broads Canoe Trails where you will be able to hire a canoe (public launches not allowed) and explore areas of the Trinity Broads that are not accessible to those on foot. Because the canoes are silent, you can really get up close and personal to the rare and wonderful wildlife and see parts of the landscape that few have seen. This is not only relaxing but feels like an adventure also!