Upton Broad


Upton broad is one of Norfolk’s best kept secrets we feel. Tucked away in the quiet village of Upton is a secluded broad around woodland. Upton broad is a naturally beautiful place to visit and also a place of scientific interest due to the rare species of dragon fly and other insects that are there. The broad is now having some restoration work implemented which will take some time but it will hopefully open up the broad more to visitors in the future. Currently the only way you can see Upton broad easily is by venturing through Upton fen which is led of the public footpath from cargate green in Upton (starts at prince of wales road). A nice walk through on the side of Upton woods leads you to Upton fen which you can find a wooden platform in to see Upton broad from a distance. Be careful walking through Upton fen as it can get rather boggy and damp on the ground. It is wise to not go on your own.

Where is Upton?
Upton is a village which is between South Walsham and Acle. It is well sign posted from both of these places. See the below map for more information:

Where to park for Upton broad?
There is not really a car park for Upton broad, it is best to park somewhere in the village of Upton and walk down to the start of the public footpath.

Upton broad and walks
The walk to find Upton broads is through some unspoilt and beautiful woodland. You can take a venture through woodland around it, we advice starting the walk from the public footpath you can find on prince of wales road (cargate green).  If starting from the public footpath on prince of wales road all you need to do is simply follow the path round and you will then approach a private car park and you will see the sign post for Upton fen. The walk from the sign post takes you through some woodland, on the first approach you will need to follow the walk round and be sure not to take a wrong turning as there are many paths leading off into other areas of woodland. It is wise to consult someone who has been before.

You will notice that there is much wildlife to spot such as dragon flies (it is a top ten site for dragon fly spotting) and butterfly’s. At the end of the walk you will be sure to notice the broad itself, a breathtaking stretch of broad surrounded by woodland proves to make the walk well worth it. A wooden platform is found at the end of the walk and climbing up onto it will give you a more impressive view of Upton broad itself. This is also a great opportunity to use binoculars to observe more wildlife on the broad; you might even see the odd heron and swans swimming around as they are known to be there.

For this particular broad there are no facilities to rent a boat and venture onto it and we would recommend not going off into the woodland that is off the public path as much of the land around the broad is privately owned.

What else does Upton offer?
Upton is a quiet village but does have a great pub in the white horse which you can relax in or outside, this pub also provides great food. There is also a park and if you want to explore why not have a walk around the village to see what it has to offer, you will find the local people are friendly and the place is rather peaceful.