Wroxham Broads

Wroxham Village is known as the Capital of the Broads, thanks to it’s great location, abundance of businesses and treasured history. It is however, two villages in one, Wroxham, which is mostly a residential village and Hoveton, which is the centre of business and tourism, the face of Wroxham if you will. These two villages are joined by Wroxham Bridge and footbridge, which allows vehicles and pedestrians access to each, without having to get wet in the River Bure that flows underneath. Wroxham Broads itself is just a mile down the river and is best accessed by boat due to the lack of footpaths and roads leading to it. This lack of land access helps to preserve the natural beauty of the broad, which becomes clear as soon as you set eyes on the stunning area.

Where is Wroxham?
Wroxham is just to the northeast of Salhouse and only eight miles from Norwich city centre. See the map below for more information:

Where to Park at Wroxham Broads?
Although Wroxham Broad isn’t easily accessible by car, you can still get to it by driving down a single-lane private road, where you will find a small pay and display car park at the end. This is located just to the right before you reach the Wroxham Yacht Club, which is also on the same stretch of road. If you are a boating enthusiast and have your own little boat, the car park has a concrete launch ramp, so you can take your small boat into the waters of Wroxham Broad! For the non-boating folk, there is a quaint little green area next to the car park, which is perfect for those afternoon picnics when the sun is out. This spot gives you a beautiful view of a large part of the broad where you can watch the different types of boats going backwards and forwards, as well as boating events when the Yacht Club next door, holds them throughout the year.
It’s safe to say that the only way to fully appreciate and experience the whole of Wroxham Broad is to hire a boat or to go on one of the popular Broads Tours. If you are wanting to do this, it is probably best if you park in Wroxham/Hoveton Town Centre and either rent a boat from one the friendly boat rental businesses there or to jump on one of the Norfolk Broads Tour boats, which leave the town at scheduled times. Roys of Wroxham offers a free shoppers car park, however if you don’t plan on doing any shopping then there are plenty of pay and display car parks around the village including a large one just behind the Roys store car park. Each are well within walking distance from anywhere of interest in the village, so there won’t be any need to use public transport.

Wroxham Broads and Walks
Although access by foot and vehicle is very limited, there are some great ways to see it! Whether you are looking for something relaxing, or something with a little bit of excitement, the choice is yours! Thanks to the wide selection of boat rental businesses in and around the village you won’t be at a loss as to where to go to hire a boat for the day. Most have very flexible durations of hire, so you can either rent by the hour, for the day, weekend, week or even longer! This is a great way to see Wroxham Broad or all of the broads if you so wish, and can be very exciting to because you will be in control of the boat at all times! There are plenty of public moorings throughout the broads network, so for a small fee you can moor up for the night ready to start fresh the next day! This option is great if you are comfortable controlling a boat and want to spend a little time on the broads, but if you are only there for a day or so and would prefer to let the experts handle the sailing, there are plenty of fantastic Broads boat tours to take advantage of. Either way, you will get a great view of the broads guaranteed!

If you’re a fan of relaxing walks you can still experience one of the most beautiful walks that Wroxham has to offer! Located along the River Bure is the Riverside Park where you can walk along the river next to stunning greenery. This is a great area for picnics and having a relaxing sit down by the river, watching the boats go past.

What else does Wroxham offer?
Wroxham/Hoveton has plenty more to offer, including the Bure Valley Railway where you can take a trip on a steam or diesel train along the 18 mile stretch of track that heads through stunning countryside and finishes it’s journey in the beautiful Norfolk town of Aylsham. This is a great way to relax and take in the beautiful natural sites that Norfolk has to offer.

The village offers some great shops, the main one being the popular Roys of Wroxham, which claims to be ‘the worlds largest village store!’ Within the main store and other separate Roys stores you will find a great range of affordable, quality products.

For the kids there is a great little farm at Wroxham Barns where you will be able to feed goats, cows, sheep, chickens, horses, donkeys and more! There are also some great shops and a little fairground.